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College Athletics - NCAA
If you are planning on participating in sports at the collegiate level, you will need to register with the NCAA Clearinghouse. This can be done on-line at There is a fee to do this.

Students will need to request an official transcript to be sent to the NCAA Clearinghouse. Transcript requests can be obtained in the guidance office or can be found our web site here.
Financial Aid

The FAFSA form is the one application form to fill out for state and federal financial aid. This form needs to be filled out after taxes have been done for the year. Parents should plan to have taxes done as soon as possible.

An account can be started right now by going to

This is a free service. If you go to a website that looks like the fafsa one, and it asks for money, do not submit money.

Students should contact the college or university that they plan to attend to request any specific scholarship or financial assistance information.

The Pennsylvania Higher Education Assistance Agency is an excellent source of information on financial aid. Visit their web site at